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7 Healthy Sleep Habits For You To Test Yourself

If you have trouble sleeping like I have, these 7 healthy sleep habits for you to test yourself will improve those hard sleepless nights.

It is maybe the menopause, the stress … well, I don’t feel stressed but overwhelmed, that’s the queen of the words in my life right now.

A good sleep is so essential for our wellbeing that we can’t ignore it, it is in our hands to do whatever it takes to improve this.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping so it sounds depressing that we struggle all that time and, what’s more, it impacts the rest of our lives so much.

I am taking action! Are you?

What To Do Or Not To Do Before Bed

At this point we all know how important it is to get ready for bed and wind down for the day. Despite the bad reputation of the word routine, it is advisable in many situations, going to sleep being one of them.

You are reading this article because you don’t sleep well. So you might want to check whether you do one (or more) of these things and you finally get that click.

These 7 healthy sleep habits need to be put to the test in your own life and by yourself.

No one else can do it for you. Take the steering wheel of your life and let’s sort things out.

Eating before bed

1. Are You Eating Late

This one is very important and I have to say that I already incorporated it to my life a while back. You need an empty stomach to go to bed, full stop.

You don’t necessarily want a rumbling tummy but, at least, let 3 or 4 hours pass after having dinner to go to bed.


2. How Does Caffeine Affect You

Quite obvious but controversial. My Dad used to have an expresso before bed and slept like a log.

It is true that some studies say that caffeine kicks in within 30 to 60 minutes of consumption. Also that, after 5 hours, you still have half the amount of caffeine in your body.

However, as with everything else, we need to observe ourselves as we are all different. How does it affect you?

Study yourself. What happens when you take caffeine in the afternoon? Do you sleep well? That should be enough of a test and you then learn from it.

I only take coffee in the early morning, never ever again during the day. Why? It affects me, I have test it.

3. How Does Alcohol Affects You

Pretty much the same thing as above. And this is controversial as well since, in theory, it seems alcohol makes you sleepy but, the truth is that it can potentially disrupt sleep even if you fall sleep easily after drinking.

We should distinguish though, between having a glass of wine in the evening (Okay, maybe two) and having a real problem with alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse is directly linked to sleep problems.

4. Exercise or not Exercise before bed, that is the question

This one is one I am still trying to figure out personally. Exercising in the mornings seems to be the best for me. It makes me feel tired as the day goes by and, indirectly contributes positively to my sleep.

But would exercising in the evening be better? Good workout, nice shower, nutritious dinner…and then relax, chill, read and bed? That’s a maybe.

There are several studies saying that, as long as it is done 90 minutes before bed time and not very vigorously, it should be fine.

But there are also studies saying that, given the same conditions, it can actually be beneficial.

Once more, I appeal to your own judgement and critical thinking. How is it for yourself? What makes you feel better and feels helpful?

5. The Bloody Devices

We all know the response for this one. It is not only the famous blue light, it is also the time we think we are spending ‘checking our feed quickly’ and the time that we actually spend. Double, triple… in short, a lot more than we think.

This is something we really need to be mindful of. Just check emails, social media or whatever during the day. And apply the Golden Rule.

” No screen time after dinner”

Believe me, life changing.

6. What’s “Bed Time” For You

We have different rhythms and flows. There are morning persons and evening persons.

I am a morning one for instance. I love waking up early and, by the evening, I feel shattered and can’t wait to go to bed (then I have trouble sleeping).

I don’t think there is a rule for this one. You need to know your flow first and then look at your life and how it is structured.

If you like to stay up late but your job starts at 6am in the morning… something needs to change here. Same the opposite way.

That is why personal development and knowing oneself is so important. That comes first and, from there, we create a life that makes us happy and fulfilled.

What usually happens is that someone else (not necessarily a person but society constructs) drag us into this or that particular job for whatever the reasons. And then it turns out that it totally clashes with our natural rhythm.

It is never too late (if that is what you are thinking) to change that. Begin by knowing what kind of person you are and then do your best to adapt your life commitments to the best of your abilities. You can do it.

7. Cluttered Mind / Cluttered House

This is a biggie for me. A struggle. Despite all the mindfulness and meditations my mind still overflows with clutter. Not necessarily bad thoughts or worries or anything like that, just a million ideas.

My natal Mercury is in Aquarius and I really struggle to focus on one thing. It feels like I am jumping from one thing to another constantly, like a frog.

So I am more and more mindful of it and also realise how important it is to have your space clean too.

Look around, what do you see? Mess and clutter? or a clean space? So it’s your mind. It is a simple Universal law, the law of correspondence.

Can I then improve my sleep with these 7 habits?

You certainly can improve your sleep by being mindful of these 7 basic habits and implementing them to a night routine. But it requires awareness and intention.

I add essential oils, Lavender mainly and sometimes a candle in a salt lamp too.

Observe as well what’s the best posture for you, the one that makes you feel cozy and comfy in bed. Some people prefer sleeping on their back for example.

I always do that when I first go to bed but when I feel sleepy, I tend to turn around on one side.

Some people prefer to sleep on their stomach but I find it uncomfortable and my arms suffer from it. Usually when I struggle to fall sleep is when I try every single existing posture.

Some others use pillows and you can find a lot of different ones in the market for different parts of the body. It is not only a thing for pregnant women!

Bottom line is be as comfortable as you can. Check you are happy with your pillow, your mattress and even your duvet and make changes if needed.

Final thoughts about these sleep habits

There’s something comforting about sticking to a routine in general. Whether it’s a daily routine or a routine that you only stick to on weekends.

Routines provide a sense of structure and normalcy in our lives. In a world that is constantly changing, routines can be a welcome anchor.

Most people have a sleep pattern that is dictated by their work or school schedule while others prioritise their natural rhythms and design their life from there.

Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. It helps the body to repair and rejuvenate itself, and it helps the mind to rest and recharge.

People who get enough sleep tend to be healthier and more alert than those who don’t. They are also less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. So, no matter what your sleep pattern is, make sure that you get enough sleep!

It can make a world of difference.