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Astrology for sceptics. Yes, yourself

If you are reading this article, I assume you don’t believe in Astrology or, at the very least, you are sceptic about it. Well, Mr. Sceptic, let me tell you that in the same way you can’t tell: I don’t believe in Chinese or French, you cannot say you don’t believe in Astrology, as simple as that. 

Astrology is a language which you may or may not know, understand or speak. It is the relationship between the stars and their energies and us, the human beings.

Etymologically, it comes from two Greek words: Astron – Star & Logos – Word. So is the sky talking to us essentially.


“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.”

Dane Rudhyar


Studying Astrology is like studying any other language and once you learn it and start understanding, well, I can tell you my personal experience… It is life changing

You start to understand your life and yourself like never before and you can start making the most of it. It is truly fascinating.

It is one of the most helpful tools you can use not only at a personal level for your own development and growth but also to understand what and why is all this currently happening.

It links psyche and cosmos helping us to understand that cosmos and human beings are a unity, are one.

Astrology covers the relationship between the inner and external nature of everything, taking planets in our solar system and the map they form in the sky as the reference. Not only helps to understand life through observation but gives a hidden vision of circumstances and personal tendencies.

In the ancient times, astrologers used math to calculate this map but nowadays there are infinite software applications to just do the same thing in seconds.


The Astrology you read in magazines structured in weeks or even days is not reliable since it is based on the moon transits only which are really fast (the moon changes sign every other day) therefore it is a very partial and reductionist interpretation.

An astrological reading needs time and this time depends on the skills and experience of the astrologer who will help the client to understand their life and get over potential blocks and make the most of their potential.

We know that all is energy, we are energy and so is Astrology. In the same way you tune a radio station or a TV channel using frequencies that you cannot see or touch but exist, we also vibrate in a frequency and, as such, we tune into the same frequencies.

What does vibrating frequency mean?

Think of it as a magnet, we are a magnet and we emanate a certain frequency, let’s call it X.

When we find, for example, another person who also vibrates in X frequency, we say that there is something that clicked…we feel attracted to this person, there is ‘chemistry’ we say… we attract each other.

Well, things are energy too, everything is remember? So we attract what we are, we attract what we think and so if we are all day moaning about the shitty job we have…well, we are simply attracting it ourselves.



One of the laws of the Universe, that we’ll see in another video, is the law of correspondence:

“As it is above, it is below”

That’s also known as correspondence which is the balance between the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

All our levels of existence are connected and synchronized.

Astrology is about bonding and connection, but in this modern paradigm where only the material level seems to be true, we live in a false perception that we are separate, that we are an individual being on our own and everything else is outside of us out of our control. 

Astrology uses symbolic language, also known as archetypes in order to be able to explain a variety of ideas that, if we wanted to express with the language we know, it would be really difficult.

We need to get out of the rigidity of linear and logical thinking based on the current scientific materialism paradigm and open our minds to a new way of looking at things.

There are as many realities as human beings on the planet.

An archetype is like a prototype, it is the first sample of something, a symbolism from which, other ideas and developments are based on so, for example, in Astrology, the moon symbolizes the mother and by extension: nurturing, protection, comfort zone, care, early years, family life, etc.

There are different approaches to Astrology:

1. Predictive Astrology studies the cycles looking at the past events and history and techniques like transits, progressions, revolutions etc. It rarely gives accurate outcomes as in concrete events, places because there are many other factors involved.

As an example I can tell you that Astrologers knew 2020 as going to be very challenging and a turning point in history but no one, as far as I know, predicted a virus as the cause if that makes sense.

Still very useful in my opinion to know what cycles are we in or going to be not only at a personal level but collective as well.


2. Elective or event Astrology is when you look at a particular date or event in order to understand what particular moments in time could be more appropriate to do or carry out something.

3. Psychological Astrology, it looks at the birth chart as a map of who we are, our life journey, our nature and can help us get a clearer picture of who we really are. It is based on self-development and it can help us work out our problems and clarify our goals.

So why should you care about Astrology?

Astrology has been used since forever and a good reason for not being sceptic about it is that the most important politicians have used it to get their goals: Napoleon, Julius Cesar, Hitler, Miterrand or Nixon just to name a few, all of them had a personal astrologer with them and wouldn’t take a big decision without having their analysis of the available energies.

Doesn’t that tell you something…? I’ll leave it there.