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Best Bacon Baguette idea with Piquillo Peppers

Here’s the Best Bacon Baguette with Piquillo Peppers and Avocado for you to try next. To be completely honest, the bacon was about to expire and the mashed avocado was off a couple of days. So I decided not to waste them as this goes against my principles. Also had one of those Gluten-Free self-baked baguettes and then the creative spark lit up!

Bacon and avocado always go well together but…what can I add to make it original and different?

Piquillo peppers in garlic! That’s the magic ingredient making this idea worth a try!

The Naked bacon

This bacon is not like any others in the market, this brand Naked[icon name=”registered” prefix=”fas”] states that:

  • Their “unsmoked bacon rashers are made without nitrites ~ which is better for you.
  • They use pork from the British Isles ~ better for the planet.
  • And there are environmental scores on their packs ~ better sustainable choices”.

I really like the idea of anything that is good for me and that has no unnecessary additives so this is right up my street. It is also very tasty and you cannot even tell the difference.

Bread is ready in 5 minutes and, in the meantime, I am cooking the whole packet of naked bacon since it is about to expire. I’ll use a few rashes for this sandwich and the rest of it will cut in little pieces to use in a salad.

Jarred peppers keep well for a while but I am preparing another of my Granny summer salads where I’ll use the rest of the jar.

The mashed avocado though… It is always an issue unless you use it up at once or, at least, in the same day. It quickly goes black and ugly and that is not something you really want to be eating.

I normally won’t open it unless we are two people eating. However, in this case, and since it has the use by date two days in the past, I am happy to use some of it.

As for the rest, if not used by tomorrow, I will just throw it away (which I totally hate doing).

I will be trying more new ideas for baguettes and sandwiches since I think there are still so many ingredients out there that we do not dare to combine. As everything else, this is mainly due to stablished beliefs and habits that it is now time to challenge, are you in?

Time now to enjoy this beautiful and healthy lunch. I hope you are hooked by the Best Naked Bacon baguette idea ever!

See you in the next idea 🙂

Miss Dawson