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10 Best Tiny Habits to Improve your Life (Works!)

Here is a list of the 10 best tiny habits to implement and improve your life to the next level. And it works!

It is all about habits, the bad ones and the good ones. The first, will keep you stuck in the mud, the former will enhance your day to day to the point of making your overall existence a bliss.

Why do we repeat the same things over and over? Why do we live the same experiences and, therefore, always get the same results?

Because we are habitual beings, because we are comfortable with what we know even if it is detrimental for us.

These following 10 tiny habits, if practised for at least a month, will change the way you live your life and/or, for sure, improve it.

10 Best Tiny Habits to Improve your Life

Bad habits, good habits


This habit was hard for me to implement as I got into the habit of jumping out of bed and, literally, leave it as it is until the evening… that’s a No-No. It’ll take you 1 minute to stretch out your duvet. Honestly it makes a difference and sets you up for the day.

Tiny habit to improve your life
Make your bed


I know, sounds silly… it is not. It doesn’t matter whether there is a gorgeous sunny day outside or a dull rainy day, just appreciate it as it is. I take that we all live in different locations and you might be looking out an amazing forest, a bland building or even a building site…it doesn’t matter, take the best of it, focus on the small bit. As a last straw…just look up the sky.


So far, it has taken us 2 minutes of our day to make our bed and look out the window… take a couple of minutes more and fill your lungs as much as you can. Breath life. We are used to breath just about, enough so we don’t die… let’s change that. Count to three, hold for three and exhale… you’re preparing your mind for an amazing day ahead.


Let me explain. Maybe you are a morning coffee person like me, or you like Tea or maybe you like to eat some breakfast, even if a glass of water! Regardless of what’s about to go into your mouth for the first time today… drink it, eat it, taste it… give it your full attention. Don’t watch telly, don’t look at your phone or your emails, not yet. Enjoy this moment.


And not in a screen, sorry. Grab a physical book with your hands, open it, feel the pages in your hands, go to your bookmark…and read it. This won’t be the book you are reading (if you are), I am talking about a short read, it can be a book of quotes for example or something like this one I highly recommend. It is amazing.

And, if not a book, you can always get one of these great Mindfulness Cards (or similar in Amazon) and pick one everyday to be your ‘motto of the day’.

Mindfulness Cards
Mindfulness Cards


What!? You haven’t got plants? We need to fix that. Even if only one in your whole apartment, please, get one. If you think there are no living conditions for one, well, why are you living there then? No, I am half joking but, listen, get a cactus, they don’t really need much and they are still green and do the job.

I live in a shoe box and I have managed to have tomato plants in my window sill. Definitely get a plant in any form and water it, talk to it, say good morning or even tell them a story. Connect with nature.

Water a plant
Water your plants


Seriously. I have only implemented this after learning about the ‘Win Hoff method‘ and IT works. It is amazing and empowering. I promise you you’ll scream at first and will only get to do it for a few seconds but it will get better.

The screams will ease and you’ll tolerate it for longer each day. It is an instant boost of energy. Do it! Just a few seconds, this tiny habit will improve your life and your immune system too!

If you are interested in checking the book out, here’s the link.


It doesn’t matter where, when or who. Can be on the train, if you take one, on the street if you walk, in the supermarket when you doing your shopping, at work, your neighbor, the postman… just say Good morning and smile to, at least, one person. Be nice. What you put out into the Universe, comes back to you multiplied.


I used to be obsessed with music when I was younger and it must come in my DNA since the most famous phrase my Mum has always said is: “Music is my life, I wouldn’t exist without” (yes, drama is my veins too).

I don’t know how this happened but I stopped listening to music, just like that. And now, when I push myself to listen to it…magic comes back. Music is vibration, as everything else is, and no matter what type of music resonates with you: classic, pop, rock, heavy-metal… whatever floats your boat, let the magic get into your life even if just one song a day.

Next I want to introduce dancing as well but let’s leave that one habit for the next chapter.

Listen to music everyday


We all know drinking water is good for us and, one way or another, we manage to do it daily (or we should!) but, do you remember or even know about that Japanese experiment where Masaru Emoto proved that human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water?

I am talking to my water before I drink it, I am sending love and decreeing that every drop is healing what needs to be healed in my body and filling it with health. As a magic potion. It works because I believe it does.

Watch on Youtube

Final Thoughts on Tiny Habits

We can be discussing whether more is less or less is more or up and down or left or right, but the truth is that every journey starts with a little step. And these are ten tiny habits you can implement and in no time see an improvement in your every day life very soon. I have done it, it works. It is not bluff. Pinkie promise.

Miss Dawson