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Can a younger man, older woman relationship work?

Absolutely yes, end of the article, hope you have enjoyed it…

I was joking, well half joking because the categorical answer is YES.

I have recently read about this doing some research and have found that there are two contradictory beliefs out there and this, my beautiful soul, it is the absolute drama in our society, unless you do inner work… we are in general contradicted, fragmented, confused, there are so many different inputs and so many interest in having our attention and our energy that we end up not knowing what or who to believe anymore…

Ok, let’s leave the spiritual talk for a moment… these 2 stupid beliefs are:

1. Older men prefer dating younger women

2. Younger men prefer dating older women

BUT because “as it is above, it is below” according to the law of correspondence, there are also the opposite beliefs doing the rounds out there…

1. Older women prefer dating younger men

2. Younger women prefer dating older men

Do you realize these beliefs don’t make any sense !? So… which one is true…? Both and none.

Both are true when we add ‘some’ in front of it so SOME men… do you get it?

Seriously, do age-gap relationships really work?

Well, there are people out there right now having a hard time for sure thinking that one of these beliefs are the absolute truth and their life is being affected hugely by it.


Woman, 52, married for a long-time finding out the hubby is flirting away with a 25 year old… divorce…and there you go, not only she already had this belief in her mind from the social pact but from now on, she and probably her friends and family are going to believe this even more strongly that men prefer younger women…no, madam, with all due respect: your man has fallen in love with a woman who happens to be younger. Full stop.

We have been conditioned to believe (I am repeating this sentence a million times, haha cause all I want is to break those limiting beliefs) that couples have to be around the same age, why? 

Because the end game in this sick society is finding THE one, getting married, having kids, starting a family…blah,blah…I mean… are we in the 40’s or what?

I am not saying you cannot or should do that as long as you choose it freely and in total awareness of what you are actually doing and it aligns with your soul’s purpose… however… it is time in 20 bloody 22 that we stop considering NOT doing that as a sign of failure or some sort of social disability.

What we, human beings, look for is…connection, connection, that’s what it is all about and that happens through energy, we attract what we are, what we think and so we attract people who vibrate in the same frequency, it is that simple. Chemistry is the keyword.

How many times you’ve met someone and instantly felt you don’t like them, for example, you cannot tell what it is but something feels off (it happens as well with places) and the opposite of course, instant connection with someone new in your life or a sense of ease in some places.

Water, my friend.

So energy, nothing to do with age.

That being said… It is a fact that some men prefer older women and some articles I have been reading say, as one of the top reasons for this is that older women.

Reason number one

“They know what they want”

Errrr, well, older woman here…I don’t have a fricking clue what I want yet… so, funnily enough, in my opinion, the main reason is not that one BUT the fact that older women are not going to bug you with pushing you to propose, having to plan a wedding you are not interest in, kids… many men only have kids to please their partner and a long list of things that, younger women, especially the ones living in autopilot and following the Disney movie love story do.

So number one reason debunked.

In general, older women are more chilled out and don’t want to rush through life to accomplish a system of control driven milestones, in other words, objectives and expectations created by others in society and, as such, tend to be more connected with themselves (or in the process to) and not willing to put up with anyone’s shite.

And, although they can be a bit crazy at times and, as I say, still trying to figure themselves out (me!)… their experience and, especially, if they do inner work and personal development, makes them interesting at the very least.

Reason number two

“It is a lot easier to be in a relationship with an older woman because you don’t have to try THAT hard to keep it together and it is a more equal partnership”

I am like … what?? I don’t agree at all, ANY, do you hear me? ANY relationship independently of the ages MUST be an equal partnership and there are always things to adjust, compromise, accept…what is that that you don’t have to try THAT hard???

Nope. not buying it, the second reason a younger man wants to be with an older woman is not because they don’t have to try hard, it is because they can be themselves more and there are no Disney movies issues to deal with. 

That’s nonsense in my reality, sorry.

Reason number three

“They are honest and open-minded”

Well… so, let me ask you…if you are in a relationship right now with a partner your same age…? 

Oh I see, they are not honest and open-minded but it’s ok, you like it like that.

Another BS statement. Any relationship must be based in honesty regardless of age and open-minded… that’s trickier, but yes, in my opinion, necessary as well and it is not age what determines how open minded a person is, isn’t it?

Reason number four

“They are extremely independent and self-sufficient”

More BS… of course they are! They are not living with their parents anymore and have had to build up a life … it’s all down to experience and, oh surprise, age comes with that as standard!

I am not giving more reasons to be honest… some younger men find older women attractive because they ‘seem’ to know what they want, because they know Prince Charming is a cartoon, because they are more experienced in literally everything as you would expect and because they are not after ‘let’s buy a nice house, a fancy car, have 2 kids, a couple of pets and go on holidays to Disney every year’.

Nah, they gone past that… older women want peace of mind and entertainment… you know what I mean 😉

But do you want to know why this is?

Why younger men feel attracted by older women?

We are looking at the wrong end of the stick… it is not how older women actually ARE or think or behave… it’s about how younger men ARE!!!

And that’s the secret.

Some of them lack confidence, self-esteem, direction and probably purpose and, not to forget, their egos are over the roof so they see themselves at that macho man, young Hector, Greek God… giving pleasure to this poor experienced but older women and then…then they feel empowered.

And that’s ok, no judgment… I’d only say what they need (and we all need that) is to look inside themselves and ask questions to their higher self…is it me wanting an older woman because…this? That? Or is this not my actual purpose…

And please please please…I am referring here to those younger men who actively go after older women…not the ones who accidentally happen to fall for someone older or vice versa which, I think, is more common than we think…as I said earlier…it’s energy… chemistry and nowadays is so difficult to guess someone’s age anyway.