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Can You Look 30 at 40

Can you look 30 when you’re 40? There you are wondering… you are now 40 or 40+, how did this even happen? I wondered that too. Now at 48 I see things very, very differently, mind me, I am about to be 50 in no time!

Yes, you can definitely look 30 at 40, like I do. And it is not me trying to be ridiculously positive, many, many people tell me so and I believe them! I suppose the question then would be: But… How? 

Let’s make a point about what your life has been for the past 40 years as this is obviously quite important.

Maybe you had kids in your 20s or you have never exercised or you’ve gone through some life changing events.

As important as this is to determine where you are today, I won’t consider it for the purpose of this article.

We are 40 and the only time that matters is Now.

How do you look 30 in your 40s?

You will find that I am not the kind of woman that is going to talk about creams or make-up, not even about fashion.

Being brutally honest, I haven’t been able to keep up with my skincare routine at all. In fact, I deal with unresolved skin problems still at 48 and wearing make-up is not something I am particularly interested in.

Occasionally I wear it but this is mostly to cover all the marks my skin has due to the pimples.

Let’s go much deeper than that.

The way to look 30 in your 40s is by feeling it and believing it, to start with. It is in the collective thinking that when you get to 40 you start going downhill. But who on earth said that and based on what?!

Yeah, maybe this was the case 40 years ago, when women were considered to be reproductive wife material, having kids really young and dedicating their lives to others completely disregarding their own needs and wishes…maybe.

But not today. You can look 30 being 40 or even 50!

Looking 30 at 40
48 years old

Is 40 considered old

I feel exactly the same in terms of age at 48 that I felt when I was 30. Back then I had no kids yet and I was working full time in an office. I was also singing at weddings every weekend, getting a nice extra income and studying for my degree.

I was going to the gym every single day and had a loving partner. Life was good. I was happy.

My first child was born when I was 32 and the rest of the decade I played the ‘best mom in the world’ role. Life was also good but I didn’t pay attention to myself in the slightest, let alone to my relationship.

I would be going off topic here, so if you are interested in reading about how we ended up becoming roommates, click here.

A Spiritual Awakening will make you feel younger

I am going through a profound transformation that started when I was 43. It has been the most challenging time psychologically but also the most rewarding and fulfilling.

And yes, I feel as I did when I was 30. I actually cannot believe I am nearly 50, it just seems unreal!

I have started to exercise again. I feel energetic. I feel light, since I had lost the weight I spent my entire life wanting to lose with no success. And without even realizing!

But the most important part is…I feel free, empowered, motivated and awakened.

Going through a spiritual awakening not only transforms your life but your entire outlook and beliefs.

Discovering who my true authentic self is, where I come from and where I’ll be going next makes me feel fearless. I know we are all one and this is just an illusion, a game that, now, I know how to play.

I’ll still make mistakes, of course, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll see those mistakes as big opportunities and not as failures. Success has lost its meaning completely and is now measured by myself under my own rules and nobody else’s.

Do you think I’ve been sidetracked again? No, I am very on track.

If you want to look younger, just decide so. Look after, not only your physical body, but your emotional state, your mind and, above all, your soul. 

Ask yourself all sorts of questions starting by:

Are you living the life you want?

If the answer is Yes, you already look younger for sure. If the answer is No, start by fixing that.

How does a woman’s body change at 40?

Let’s look at our physical body then. It is known that once you have children your body is never the same again, right? Or so they say…

I choose not to think like that. If your hips slightly change after giving birth (not even sure that is a fact) then welcome it, embrace it. Giving birth to a human being like that is worthwhile a couple of inches!

I suppose there are hormonal changes that can affect us women. In my case, the only changes I have seen so far are that my skin is not as tense as it used to be. 

We lose the elasticity and, if on top of that you lose weight, that is even more noticeable all around the body. Shaggy skin appears and says Hi.

Breasts tend to go down, even if they are small, especially with weight loss. But that happens as well regardless of age!

I am starting to see my first gray hairs too, I haven’t had any so far.

You are the master, you are in control. Do you want to be fit? Then you need to exercise and eat healthy, so simple, right? Well, it is.

Is 40+ Middle Aged?

If you live up to 80+, then mathematically yes, it is, but what do we understand by middle aged? What are the connotations attached to that term?

Wikipedia says: “Middle age is the period of age beyond young adulthood but before the onset of old age. The exact range is disputed; some sources place middle adulthood between the ages of 45 and 65. This phase of life is marked by gradual physical, cognitive, and social changes in the individual as they age”.

Take that with a pinch of salt like mostly everything else. “Marked by gradual changes”. Isn’t that exactly the same when you go from being a baby to being a kid. And from being a kid to a being a teen?

That is life, constant change.

So why do I see it as a negative thing? It is not negative.

It doesn’t bother me at all. Since we live around 80 (although I plan to live 120) from 40 you can say you start the middle age.

Why not?

It only means you have lived enough to not be considered a young and inexperienced person. And that you are in the best time of your life, basically. Where anything is possible!

What age do you start going downhill?

You start going downhill when you lose the joy to live.

When you are mostly breathing just to keep yourself alive.

When you are unmotivated and barely content only when you are distracted. 

When you don’t even know yourself and your potential.

When you have given up before even trying because you don’t think you can do something. 

When you are unhappy and don’t know what your purpose is or why you are even here in the first place.

That can happen at any age.

At 48, never felt better. I have lived long enough to make a million mistakes and, sometimes, learn from them.

Hopefully I still have a lot to live and make even more mistakes. The difference is that now, I always learn something.

Final Thoughts

At risk of sounding super cliché: “Age is just a number”. However, if you want to look younger than you are, start by feeling you are younger than you are.

And then, depending on the type of person you are and the energy you radiate and attract, overcome the fear. Get out of your comfort zone, learn to get into the unknown and enjoy it. 

Do that, and believe me, you’ll feel like you’re 30 again!