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10 Best Tiny Habits to Improve your Life (Works!)

Old habits, new habits

Here is a list of the 10 best tiny habits to implement and improve your life to the next level. And it works! It is all about habits, the bad ones and the good ones. The first, will keep you stuck in the mud, the former will enhance your day to day to the point […]

Dark Night of the Soul : 7 signs you’re in

Dark night of the soul

If you have been feeling different and out of place, if the things you used to enjoy doing don’t satisfy you anymore, maybe you have lost friends or feel distant from them or you feel a void and are really fed up with everything and don’t seem to find peace of mind. The Dark night […]

Dark Night of the Soul : in the eye of the storm

Dark night of the soul

I have been wanting to write this for a while and whenever I have searched for other people’s experiences on Youtube, I have always found that they had been through the Dark night of the soul but had eventually overcome it. Well, I am in the middle of it. What is the Dark night of […]

Astrology for sceptics. Yes, yourself


If you are reading this article, I assume you don’t believe in Astrology or, at the very least, you are sceptic about it. Well, Mr. Sceptic, let me tell you that in the same way you can’t tell: I don’t believe in Chinese or French, you cannot say you don’t believe in Astrology, as simple […]

How to find your mission or purpose

Find your purpose

Have you ever asked yourself what your mission or your purpose is? Why are you here? I have. And let me tell you, it can’t just be growing up, going to school/college/University and then finding a job, a partner, buying a house, a car, having kids and work until you’re old when then you can […]

Mindfulness put simply, easily explained, what it is exactly?

Mindfulness has been around for longer than we even imagine. It didn’t originate from one source, although Buddhism, which adopts a Mindful approach, is the most commonly related source. Just to note, Buddhism is NOT a religion, it is a practice where there is no worshiping or following. Only inner reflection, self-knowledge and self-awareness. Also, […]