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What is an Influencer And Becoming One

What is an Influencer And Becoming One

So what is an influencer? A few years back I would have thought this to be a joke or I would have felt repulsion to that word, today, I am accepting that same word as one of the things that define me. Isn’t it crazy? I grew up in the 80s and, back then, the […]

Know yourself, it is now urgent

If you don’t know yourself, you cannot love yourself, because you cannot love what you don’t know. And if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others, because you cannot give what you don’t have. And, if you don’t love others… then you’re really lost…. To get to know who we are, we need to […]

Mindfulness for men. Transform your life with 3 daily easy exercises

We all have heard about it but do we really understand what it means? I mean, you, man, do you fully understand?  Isn’t it quite funny that this term has existed for thousands of years and that only a couple of decades ago has actually become sort of mainstream in our society (and I truly […]

Raise your frequency and be happier: 10 easy tips

I have mentioned in my posts several times the term vibration and how important it is in terms of living the life that you want to live, to raise your vibration. We know nowadays with modern science that the Universe and every single component in the Universe is energy, therefore, as beings in this Universe, […]

Attitude is everything, learn why and how to improve it

Very short and condensed wisdom in that sentence.  Let me show you how to apply some attitudes in your daily life that will allow you to live with more energy and motivation. ATTITUDE : The way we interpret or respond to certain events or circumstances in life. Do you get angry driving when the traffic […]

Full Blood Moon November 19th, 2021

This 19th of November, 2021 we are going to experience a partial lunar eclipse, the longest lunar eclipse of the century. This will be the opening eclipse of the eclipse season lasting until well into 2023. It can be seen in many parts of the world. Lunar eclipses are visible only in places where the […]

The journey starts here…

The last two years have been really challenging for everybody, that is a matter of fact and, for me, personally, have been massively life changing.  This is far from over but the good news is, all these changes for me have been positive so they can be for you too. I am not going to […]