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Lunch Idea With Leftovers for One- Healthy and Quick

Lunch Idea with leftovers

This is one of many lunch ideas with leftovers that I’ll be sharing in my blog, simply because I love it! Healthy and quick to prepare, given you have the leftovers ready. Cooking lunch for one can be a daunting task and we might fall into the temptation of going for unhealthy choices instead. Let’s […]

Healthiest Beef Stew in Slow Cooker – “Guisado”

Beef Casserole

I want to introduce you to Healthiest Beef Stew in Slow Cooker, AKA the best beef stew of all times…well, ok, might not be THE best but let me convince you that it is, not only delicious hearty food for the winter, but also incredibly cheap, quick and a winner. I always had this for […]

Best Bacon Baguette idea with Piquillo Peppers

Best bacon sandwich

Here’s the Best Bacon Baguette with Piquillo Peppers and Avocado for you to try next. To be completely honest, the bacon was about to expire and the mashed avocado was off a couple of days. So I decided not to waste them as this goes against my principles. Also had one of those Gluten-Free self-baked […]

Gluten free Neapolitan pizza dough made at home

This gluten free Neapolitan pizza dough made at home will blow your mind, it looks and tastes like in the best Italian restaurant. Gluten Free dough recipe, Neapolitan style made perfect in a frying pan! Once you try it, you won’t stop. It is like being in Napoli! Made at home in a frying pan […]