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Is Yoga Useful For Men over 40

Yoga for men

Yoga has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few decades. However, there is a common misconception that yoga is a discipline exclusively for women. Which begs the question – why are there so few men practicing yoga? Yoga is useful for men in the same way it is useful for women or even kids. […]

5 Best Yoga Apps for Men

Yoga Apps for men

We all know how many benefits yoga can bring to our life and wellbeing but there is still the eternal lack of time or inconvenience.  There is a wonderful solution to that and it is, literally, in our hands: Yoga Apps in your phone will allow you to be able to practise in the comfort of your […]

What is Hot Yoga and is it good for men?

Hot yoga for men

It may seem very obvious as, on the surface, the style of Hot Yoga requires no explanation. It’s just yoga practiced in a hot environment, right? but… what more is there to know? Hot Yoga is a practice performed in a hot, humid environment. The room is typically heated to approximately 80-105 F and humidity […]

Myths about Men and Yoga

Flexibility Man

Myths about Men and Yoga: the Truth One of the most common topics surrounding yoga practice are its benefits. And yet, with all that yoga has to offer, men are usually a minority in a yoga class, or they are not present at all!  Social media is flooded with images of bendy women practicing yoga, […]