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Dark Night of the Soul : 7 signs you’re in

If you have been feeling different and out of place, if the things you used to enjoy doing don’t satisfy you anymore, maybe you have lost friends or feel distant from them or you feel a void and are really fed up with everything and don’t seem to find peace of mind.

The Dark night of the soul is a term used to describe an spiritual journey that will take you to the darkness of hell destroying beliefs, habits and even relationships to eventually emerge to the light to a happier and fulfilled life. It is basically an existential crisis that changes your life forever.

If you feel like you don’t belong or fit in your lifestyle anymore and if you are experiencing physical symptoms you never had before…maybe you are going through the Dark night of the soul.

an spiritual journey

7 signs you are going through the Dark Night of the Soul

Since this is a journey into the unknown when it first begins and it can be really disorienting and even painful so it is helpful to be able to identify some symptoms. These are the things I have identify and experienced myself through this journey:

1. You feel lost, hopeless and have lost the will to live

You don’t know why you are here and what for, you can’t find a reason to carry on living the way you were living but, at the same time, you feel totally unmotivated and powerless to find the point and purpose. 

It can be very confusing as it feels like you are depressed and can’t cope with your every day life so it is easy to fall into that trap and go and take medication when, if we stop and think for a minute, we could identify it and use other natural non invasive techniques first. 

2. You feel like you’re living in captivity

You realise that to carry on living as you were, you need to go to that job that is killing your soul because you ultimately need the money to pay your rent, your bills and everything else so, in reality, you are a slave because you HAVE to do something that, you might have chosen, but not from conscious awareness but maybe because it was the ‘right’ thing to do or what everyone else does.

3. You are not interested in the same things anymore

Maybe you enjoyed drinks out with friends but now not only you don’t see the point in this but also don’t even feel a connection with those friends anymore. You just want to be alone and rather do nothing but stare out of the window.

You’re not interested in the slightest in what it’s said on the News and can’t stand trivial TV programmes or politics or sports or anything that focuses on outside events that don’t offer value whatsoever other than absurd entertainment to keep you away from what is really important.


4. Success loses its meaning completely

What you were programmed to believe about what success means just disappears like smoke. Success is not based anymore on achievement or on the possession of material things, or money or status but it is based on how you feel about yourself and your fulfillment. 

We don’t get to know ourselves, we are just copy cats living on autopilot, we go to college after school because we think that’s success, we get married and have kids because we think that is success and we chase promotions and higher salaries because we think that is success… 

Not anymore, you are worth it and lovable the way you are regardless of your titles, degrees, possessions or status, you are divine energy and you, and only you, decide what the definition of success is for you.

5. You experience health issues and bad sleep

These are called ‘purging symptoms’ and they require your total awareness and patience to deal with as, not only you are not in the best position ever to fight them but it can be very distressing.

The anxiety itself can bring all sorts of other issues like back pain, digestive and skin problems, headaches, sleepless nights. It is likely you don’t really know how to explain it but you feel in a spiral of health issues all at once that don’t allow you to be you and function throughout the day.

I feel like this still many days and it helps me to know that it is part of the process and that they are necessary steps to overcome all this mess.

6. You just want to be left alone and cry

Not only are there physical symptoms but it also affects our mind, our emotions and our spirit. You feel specially emotional and sensitive, sometimes suddenly and other times, you feel an intense love and compassion for others which leads again to uncontrollable tears.

They are not tears of sadness, it is just pure emotion making its way out of your body and into the field, liberating energy.

You could have intense and vivid dreams as well since our energetic body is purging as well, sensitivity is likely and you could experience things you have never experienced before in terms of intuition or energy channeling.

The fact that you spend more time alone and this mix of emotions makes you go deep into your inner self and discover what’s been hiding there all your life. This can be really magical.

7. It hurts so much but you feel alive

It sounds contradictory but it is not and this is the beauty of the Dark night of the soul, it is death and rebirth and somehow, even in the most desperate hopeless moments, your higher self knows it is for good and everything will be alright. You just know it because it is making you grow.

If you are into any self-development tool like, in my case, Astrology, you are aware of what the purge is about, you know it is a realignment of your true self and that, even if it is painful, it is necessary in order to see it through.

It helped me immensely to read or listen to other people’s experiences as it can feel very lonely at times when your family and friends are not part of it and the ‘you are not alone’ really helps.

As soon as you assume that a part of you is dying and will never be the same again, you’ll be taking a step into the unknown that was dreaded before and now seems a bliss. You won’t look for validation or for answers outside of yourself anymore because now you understand it all is within. Now you’ll crave for those answers to find meaning and purpose and, eventually, when you rise from the ashes, you’ll be a totally new balanced and aligned being driven by universal love, compassion and kindness and full of light that you’ll shine into others and the world.

You’ll become the best version of yourself that there is and you’ll write the script of your own life just as you want it to be and not as others have decided it should be.

Welcome the transformation and embrace the unknown…and magic will happen.