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Full Blood Moon November 19th, 2021

This 19th of November, 2021 we are going to experience a partial lunar eclipse, the longest lunar eclipse of the century.

This will be the opening eclipse of the eclipse season lasting until well into 2023.

It can be seen in many parts of the world. Lunar eclipses are visible only in places where the moon is above the horizon so people in North America will be the lucky ones this time as they will be able to see it fully. It also will be seen in Australia, East Asia, Northern Europe and the Pacific Ocean region.

During a full moon the sunlight reflects on one face of the moon but during a lunar eclipse, the Moon, Earth and Sun align in a straight line. So the Earth blocks the sunlight and the moon seems to disappear.

Full moons are normally a peak of energy, they reveal hidden forces, turning points…and if we add up the eclipse, it only amplifies. If we can pick up only one word for it it would be: change.

These particular events are really good to reassess your life and where you stand, they can be transformative in the best way possible and reveal what needs to go and what needs to stay.

A way of showing a more clearer path about what’s next in your life.

We need to consider the placement in the zodiac as this gives a particular energy to the event and, in this case, is Taurus/Scorpio energy.

Taurus doesn’t enjoy change, he loves relaxation, peace and a good life so this could be for many a shock caused by sudden change or, in the best of cases, a renovated and needed inner peace. 

And Scorpio is the King of transformation and the rabbit hole master, he’s always up for change and, not only that, but in the most dramatic way possible.

But nothing to fear at all, changes are always good and for our higher self benefit and we must remember this every single day:

Everything happens for my best interest and my higher self benefit

New Moons are beginnings and Full Moons are endings, the sunlight reflecting fully over the Moon is associated with clarity, revelation and closure.

Saying this, Full Moons are not the best time to manifest or initiate anything new but, on the contrary, is a time of letting go of what no longer serves you.

Eclipses though, are an emotional rollercoaster and, in this case, accentuate that change and those effects mentioned above go through a magnifying glass. However, it also means that we might not get the whole picture straight away since the light is being blocked so an extra effort and introspection might be needed.

Nothing to fear again, the Universe always operates for your best evolutionary interest so you only need to clear out the garbage no longer needed.

Listen to the Universe, he’s talking to you all the time.

A great tip would be to try and make changes that will be for your benefit in the long run to please Taurus, maybe analise your life/work balance, reassess your values and how are you pleasing yourself and not others.

And to please Scorpio (our soul) we have to look within very deeply and see what is not working anymore in our lives with complete honesty and love.

In other words, take it as an opportunity to move forward stronger and happier. 

Be open to positive change and you’ll be alright.