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Gluten free Neapolitan pizza dough made at home

This gluten free Neapolitan pizza dough made at home will blow your mind, it looks and tastes like in the best Italian restaurant. Gluten Free dough recipe, Neapolitan style made perfect in a frying pan!

Once you try it, you won’t stop. It is like being in Napoli!

Made at home in a frying pan and using the oven grill, you can try it with normal flour as well, if you are gluten tolerant, and it will be even better!

The ingredients for the gluten free Neapolitan dough:

  • 600 g Non-gluten flour
  • 570 g Lukewarm water
  • 12g Fresh Yeast
  • 21g Salt
  • 30g Olive Oil

The steps to make it:

Mix the fresh yeast and the water and give it a good swirl. Add it to the four and start mixing by hand. It will bet very sticky but you can add a bit of olive oil in your hands to help with that.

Next add the salt, mix and, lastly, the olive oil. Knead for a good five minutes or until the oil has totally disappeared. Gluten free dough is quite challenging compared to a gluten one, some people add Xanthan Gum but there is no need as you’ll see.

Cover with cling film and let it rest for, at least, 2 hours.

Once the time is up you want to split the big dough into 4 equal smaller portions (this will allow to fit them in a frying pan).

Wrap them up in cling film individually adding a drop of oil to avoid too much stickiness and let them rest for a minimum of 2 hours, ideally, 4.

Once they have raised you can start forming the bases. Once stretched to the desired size, transfer to the heated frying pan and start adding the toppings and then pop into the oven using the grill.


Check this video to see the full process of making the gluten free Neapolitan pizza dough:


Chorizo Gluten Free Neapolitan pizza


You’ll need:

  • Tomato, ideally San Marzano.
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Chorizo

First add the tomato base, then the mozzarella and the pre-cooked chorizo. We added some Broccoli a la Napolitana from a jar but you can add whatever you fancy to give it a little nice green colour.

Enjoy bambino!