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How Do You Grow on OnlyFans

In order to be as successful as possible on OnlyFans, you need to grow your page. By growing your page, I mean getting the subscribers that you need in order to make a decent amount of money.

Eventually, you could potentially get to the point where you can live off of the income that you make with your OnlyFans page. This article will help you see some of the best things that you can do that will help you grow your followers on OnlyFans.

1. Optimize Your Profile

You need to be sure that you have a profile that is enticing to potential fans but also transparent. Make sure you describe very well what they can find once they subscribe and, if you think is relevant, what not.

Create a “Welcome” message that people will see straightaway after subscribing. This is another opportunity to thank them for the subscription and point out what they can expect when visiting your page.

Once you create the “Welcome” message, you can go onto creating the price that you want to charge for your subscription. This is where you have to be careful.

When you’re just starting out and you don’t have any or not significant social media following, you shouldn’t try for the higher end of the subscription prices. You can choose to start off by offering free content, before slowly starting to increase your prices.

Or, you could opt for starting at the minimum subscription fee of $4.99 to bring people in, then start charging more as you grow on OnlyFans.

2. Social Media Pages

Social media is the key to success, as simple as that. This is like when you want to find the love of your life and you don’t do anything about it hoping the doorbell rings and Prince Charming appears at your doorstep. That ain’t gonna happen.

People have found a lot of success growing their OnlyFans page by leveraging their social media. If you are trying to keep your real identity a secret, then you will want to create social media accounts specifically for your OnlyFans content.

If you decide to use social media to grow on OnlyFans, you do have to be careful about staying in line with the terms and conditions of the social media sites. Otherwise, you can be banned from these sites.

Now it’s time to mention that promoting in social media is very difficult and frustrating. Sometimes even sticking to the guidelines you can still be penalized and, at the same time, you’ll see plenty of other girls (some verified, some not) who post extremely suggestive borderline content and they are not penalised.

That’s how it is. Accept, surrender and move on.

Social Media accounts you can set up under your Onlyfans name: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Clapper, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube… etc.

3. Reddit

Another place that OnlyFans content creators have found some success growing their following is through forums like Reddit. This is a weird one. I never got my head around to be honest but there are people having a lot of success there.

Please, take this advice as golden dust: when you create your profile in there for the first time, think it though carefully. That was one of my number one mistakes. The username.

When I started I was an ignorant and I named myself the unfortunate @hotmilf_rose. Why? Because I didn’t know what I was doing as I tell in here. Now, that word is not one you want to use at all since the censorship will have their eyes on you big time.

You cannot change your username in Reddit and when I got to the realisations that the name wasn’t appropriate or reflecting what I truly was… I already had 26K followers and a lot of karma so I left it be.

Since Reddit is carefully separated into different categories, you can find the specific forums that fit in the niche for you to promote your OnlyFans page. Again, you do have to be careful where you post, especially since some subreddits have rules about self-promotion.

My other piece of advice for Reddit: don’t post nudity. But this is dependant on what your Onlyfans page offers, of course.

Plenty of girls post very explicit content in there for free and I have no idea what they offer in their subscription pages. I don’t do that. Other than stolen content, of bloody course, you won’t find my nudes for free on the Internet.

4. Collaborations

Through collaborations with other more successful OnlyFans creators, you can help grow your following. If their followers also find your content enticing, they will also subscribe to your content. This can work whether they are in the same niche as you or not.

In my opinion, this is less and less a thing since there has been a lot of spamming going on and users have become annoyed overtime. Some Onlyfans pages have more ads from other girls than original content and fans are not happy with this. Understandably.

If you happen to live nearby another Onlyfans creator though, it could be amazing to be able to make content together, for example, and I am not talking about ‘adult content’ (which you can choose to do of course) but simply pictures or vlog videos.

If like me, you are lucky, you might be able to collaborate with creators from far away, like I did in this video.

5. Offer Discounts/Free Trials

Lastly, you can bring new potential fans in by offering discounts or free trials. You can create special discounts for former subscribers to entice them to come back. This is a great way to grow your base, especially as you are just starting out.

But even if you are a stablished creator on the platform, offering discounts will make some old subscribers to come back regularly or new ones to give your page a go.


In order to be successful on OnlyFans, you need to grow your subscriber base. The more followers and subscribers that you have, the more earning potential that you have.

The advice here can be essential in helping you grow from a beginner to someone who can earn a respectable amount of money on this page.