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How to Get Onlyfans for Free

Do you want to enjoy Onlyfans content without having to pay for it? If so, then you will want to keep reading about the best ways to get Onlyfans for free. You do have some options that help you get around spending money on the platform. However, they have their limitations and their nuts and bolts.

Let’s take a look.

Use Free Trials

There are some Onlyfans creators who offer free trials for their content in order to offer a potential fan a little taste of the content that they have on their site. These trials can last anything from 24 hours to 30 days. After the trial expires the user will have to pay if they want to continue seeing this content.

Since Onlyfans is not a search engine and you cannot look up creators in there, it is a matter of chance that you happen to click in someone one’s link and they are offering this option.

Obviously, some creators promote these trials in other platforms. So, basically, when you are following someone in social media, just be aware that there is a possibility they offer this at some point. Not guaranteed though.

I used to do this when I started and it wasn’t for me. It is something you do in order to get people to your page and hope they stay. Believe it or not, most don’t. Real followers that want to support you and appreciate what you do don’t really mind to pay for a subscription. Don’t forget that.

What happened? Very, very simple. Users would sign up for free, watch your explicit content, do their business and go. Bye-Bye Baby.

I know of creators who don’t show explicit content on their feed (or the bare minimum). They have a different strategy selling messages or offering other services, for them, it is a different story.

Bear in mind that if you subscribe for free and don’t spend a cent, you’ll get kicked out sooner than later, lol. You’re warned!

In order to start a free trial, you’ll need to sign up for Onlyfans anyway and, probably, have a card on file as well (still haven’t confirmed this).

Find Free Accounts

Another option that you can look into is finding free accounts. There are some content creators, especially ones who are just starting off, who will offer their content for free. This helps the content creator develop a base of fans before they start charging for their content.

If the Onlyfans content creator does decide to start charging for their content, you will likely get notified so that you can decide whether or not you want to pay. You won’t be charged out of the blue.

Some creators have two accounts, one for free and another one with a subscription. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out that the content you’ll find in the Free page will be mostly like an Instagram feed. The objective is to get you interested in their content and make you sign up for the paid page. Also bear in mind in these free pages, paid content is sent as well for you to unlock regularly.

It is a great way to be on Onlyfans and, who knows, that creator might then offer free trials for their paid page and you can grab one. So not at all useless.

Other Ways to Get Onlyfans for Free

Right, now it gets tricky. There are some people who use other tricks or hacks to get access to premium Onlyfans content without paying. For instance, there are some websites that take premium content from Onlyfans ILLEGALLY and post them for free in other sites so people can access the STOLEN content.

Errr, don’t do that. It is violating the copyright and ownership of the content and it is not ethically or morally or, in any shape or form, nice.

This is a battle content creators have to fight every day and it can be exhausting. Having to deal with ridiculous number of fake accounts and bots in social media is hard enough.

The internet is a very great tool and space but it can be dangerous and corrupted as well. Remember it all comes back to us. What you give, you receive. Be a nice person.

Another trick or hack that people use is to use multiple email addresses in order to continue to access the premium content through free trials. You can sign up for these free trials using different email accounts and the same payment information, then you can just cancel the subscription before you start getting charged for it.

Don’t do this either it is exhausting and you’ll be caught up since, as I said earlier, free loaders are kicked out instantly and there are more and more tools to identify them.

To be honest, I think this worked well in the past for some but as technology evolves and the platform improves, it has become more of a hassle and not worth it.

In conclusion

You can enjoy some Onlyfans content without breaking your budget or having someone find your Onlyfans charges on your account information. If you are looking for Onlyfans content for free, the advice here can help you get there without having to pay anything.

Now, it won’t be premium content but rather social media type content most likely. Also important, it will be for a limited time.

Onlyfans subscriptions are always worth it. They open the door to an exclusive side of your favorite creator who you have been following on Instagram, Twitter or whatever. By subscribing you are supporting their work, it is not as easy as you may think.

Now, think about this and reflect, some subscriptions are as low as $5, medium are between $10-$20 and then not sure how many charge above that. In any case, if you are not willing to pay that sort of money for a month of accessing (usually) a lot of exclusive content from someone you like… there is something off.

Renewal is always optional as well as extra content sent in messages, etc.

If your main concern is your bank statement showing Onlyfans… Then, with more reason, check out what is not working in your life and why is this the case.

I am all for freedom and building a better society and to do that, we need to start with ourselves individually. Looking at what is not working in our lives and change it.

Do you want as well a better world?