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How to Make Money on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face

How to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face? This one could potentially be the most frequently asked question of all times. I’ll give you my most honest response and some great ideas to try.

Onlyfans is a very legitimate way to make money. However, some people don’t want their loved ones or anyone else that they know to know that they are making Onlyfans content. So how can you do that without giving your identity away?

The good news is that, yes, you can make money on Onlyfans without people knowing you’re the one who is creating the content. This article will offer some of the best tips for making money without showing your face.

Ways to make money on Onlyfans without showing face

With a little bit of imagination, we can make big things happen. We are assuming that you are willing to show some spiciness in your Onlyfans and include nudity. Alternatively, you could go for a very niche fetish topic like feet content. Check out the article: How to make money on Onlyfans with feet.

Whatever your choice is, remember that you’ll still need to grow a following – with or without face – as a priority in order to attract subscribers to your Onlyfans page.

These are some ideas for you to start an Onlyfans and keep your identity incognito:

Be Creative with Camera Angles or Wear a Mask

The obvious way to make this content without showing your face is by wearing a mask. But you can also carefully play around with camera angles as well. When you’re smart with your camera angles, you can create illusions that can prevent your identity from being revealed while still creating the type of content that fans want to see.

There are a couple of girls doing this that I know of. One is Bambi Blue Hair who, not only wears a blue wig but doesn’t show her eyes. Honestly, I think this is genius. The other one I cannot find her anymore in my contacts but she was a red haired middle aged woman who played with angles very well and never showed her face either.

But, the simplest way to go about this is by wearing masks. There are so many options that is overwhelming. You could play a specific character like a Middle Age woman, a courtesan, a Geisha, play a face-less seductive role, a superhero…you name it!

And obviously you could play with different ones as well offering diversity and amusement to your audience. For example doing theme days with the different roles.

So there is definitely room for this! (I would honestly give it a go if I was starting out).

Be Aware of Any Identifiable Marks on Your Body

This is very important if you are really concerned about your true identity. Do you have any unique birth marks or tattoos that people would instantly recognize if they saw them? If so, you will want to do what you can to make sure that these are covered when you are creating your content.

You can do this through creative use of camera angles, costumes, or wearing makeup that is perfectly applied to cover these features. Also using fake tattoos or simply covering the existing ones.

Watch Out for Where You Film

This is in general advice for every creator whether showing face or not. Identity can be a matter of concern for most people and it is indeed recommended to keep it secret. Be aware of your surroundings when shooting content , look out for potential signs, places or anything easily identifiable.

If people are familiar with your home, then they will be able to easily identify you based on where you film your videos. You should make sure that you are more focused on yourself so that the background gets blurred out. Or make sure that you make your room something that isn’t able to be identified by your loved ones.

Create Good Interaction with Fans

Sometimes fans may not be as interested in content if they feel disconnected to the Onlyfans content creator. By not being able to see their face, this could create a disconnect that would negatively affect whether or not people like your content.

There are things that you can do that can help your fans feel more connected with you, such as responding to any DMs or requests that you may get. This allows you to interact with your fans without revealing your identity.

Engagement with fans is always a must in your Onlyfans page and moreover if you are not offering a personal connection like showing your face.

Use a Voice Changer or Just Don’t Use Your Voice

In the same way you need awareness with any recognisable trait you might have like a tattoo, it is also a good idea thinking about your voice. You could use a voice changer when you are creating your content. Just bear in mind this is double work or, the least, another step to the content creation.

You could also just opt for not speaking at all during your content. This is a good idea, especially if you have a voice that can be easily identified by your loved ones.

However, note that you are removing another very important part of the connection with your fans. Voice can be a very good tool to use and create attachment with them. You could create audio files and add seductive voice to your faceless videos.

In Conclusion

Not everyone is happy with people knowing that they have an Onlyfans page. Fortunately, you can create content on Onlyfans that can be pretty profitable without having people know that you are the one creating the content.

Or, at least, you can try. Either way, you still need to get those subscribers to your page and convince them somehow to pay your subscription price.

The advice is follow every step any other content creator follows when starting an Onlyfans and just put especial attention to the points mentioned in this article.