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How to Search People on Onlyfans

How do you search for people on Onlyfans. First things first, there is no search function on Onlyfans I am afraid. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing if your friend Hannah Banana has one, you better be a bit creative.

Perhaps you are interested in someone specific on this website or a type of creator. If so, there are certain ways that you can search for people on Onlyfans. You can find people on this website, even if they don’t want to be found. Or, at least try to.

Since Onlyfans is highly focused on offering content creators anonymity, you will have to get creative on how you can perform these searches or, rather, be very lucky.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways or ideas that you can try and search for people on Onlyfans. Bear in mind though that most creators use stage names so don’t expect to find Jane Smith from third grade with a click. Be realistic.

Search People on Onlyfans by Username

First, the obvious one is searching by their username. If you know their username, you can simply just put it in their URL like this example: onlyfans.com/username.

If you don’t know their username, you could try seeing if their real name works (but it won’t). The reason I mention it is because I know of at least one creator going by her real name. She is Rebecca Goodwin and she’s proud of it. I admire her for that by the way.

So you may find some luck with this approach.


You could also try using a name that they use on their social media accounts, using the same URL as you would if you know their username.

Realistically if these are personal social media accounts with family pictures, you won’t succeed. And if they are professional accounts you’ll find the link straightaway somewhere in their Bio.

Search People on Onlyfans Using a Third-Party Tool

Now, let’s be a bit more serious and let’s assume you are not trying to find your former colleague or your neighbour in there. You are just maybe curious or you have seen someone on social media but, since promoting Onlyfans is pretty much a job for the Gods, you wonder is she/he has an Onlyfans.

If you can’t find the person using the username, there are tools that you can use from the internet to find someone on Onlyfans. One tool that you could use is Onlyfinder.com (just Google it).

This is a tool that you can use that will help you find any accounts that are associated with the person who you are trying to find. You can use names but also keywords associated like ethnicity, hair color, fetish, location, services provided, etc.

You can see all of the matching records, allowing you to just narrow it down and search through these records to find the person that you are looking.

Search People on Onlyfans using Other Social Media Sites

A lot of Onlyfans creators use social media accounts as ways to promote their Onlyfans content. You can come across their social media accounts, then look for the link to their Onlyfans in their bio.

One of the best chances may be Reddit as, some people say, it is the platform less used by family members in general (not sure what scientific study backs that up though haha). To do that, you’ll have to join NSFW subreddits in the hope that person promotes in there.

If you are unable to find them on social media, still doesn’t mean they don’t have an account. Some creators don’t use social media at all to promote their Onlyfans. It is not common, but it happens.

In fact, if someone you know used to have social media accounts before and now doesn’t, there is a chance they just closed them down to start from scratch with professional ones with the stage name chosen. It happens also.

I assume this person you want to find, might be someone you already follow in social media. If that is the case and you cannot find a link to their Onlyfans, don’t give up. Since promoting Onlyfans is really difficult you might have to go through a few clicks before finding the right link.

Onlyfans suggestions

Worth noticing that what Onlyfans does have is suggestions. This means that, once you are using the platform and interacting with creators, you’ll get suggestions.

They want to keep you in the platform after all. So if you are trying to find a 25 year old blondie, for example, you might well want to subscribe to a similar type of girl and so let the quantum field know what you like and what you want to find.

Hope that makes sense.

In Conclusion

It is not easy to find someone on Onlyfans unless you have their username. If you are looking for someone on Onlyfans, you just need to know where to look to try and find the person that you are looking for.

Onlyfans does pride themselves on offering high levels of anonymity for their content creators, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find a person.

Having said that and from an Onlyfans creator point of view, we don’t usually want to be found for obvious reasons.

If the person you want to find in there is close to you, family member, friends… just ask them. Hey, do you have an Onlyfans by any chance? Be upfront and open, this society needs more honesty and less hypocrisy.

If that person is not close to you at all and you just wonder that, just forget it, right? Or maybe just open an account on Onlyfans and subscribe to some creators.

Start using the platform and, who knows, if the Universe colludes… that person might be suggested to you.