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Know yourself, it is now urgent

If you don’t know yourself, you cannot love yourself, because you cannot love what you don’t know.

And if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others, because you cannot give what you don’t have.

And, if you don’t love others… then you’re really lost….

To get to know who we are, we need to get rid of fear and reinvent ourselves.


Discover your inner potential


We have created an outward experience culture, everything is outside of us, we are all connected externally with the new technologies, internet, social media… but our inner world is totally disconnected and abandoned and it is urgent that we look inwards and take care of it as the population is suffering homesickness, we have forgotten where we come from and what we really are and we are longing to go back home.


“Home is where the heart is”…sounds familiar?

It is quite a literal quote, our heart is our home and, for most people nowadays, that home is a desert, it is an empty and poor space when it should be the opposite side of the coin, it should be plenitude, fulfilment, abundance… in other words, paradise.

Adding vs taking away

Let’s not be negative, for us to experience what plenitude and abundance are, we must have experienced what emptiness and scarcity are and we have been doing that individually for as many years as we have been alive… 30, 40, 50… and as a society, probably, for the last few hundred years.

We have been adding things, experiences, relationships, studies, jobs, friends,… thinking that it was part of our identity to conquer all those things, thinking that ‘having more’ was being successful in life, hoping that eventually we would know who we are and what we are here for and be able to live a fulfilled happy life.

This might work well when you are young but once you get to maturity and you’re supposed to have a stable life with all the add-ons you have been accumulating, you find that is not the case, there is something missing in the equation and, as soon as you try to find out what’s wrong and look inside, when you go back home, where your heart is…you find a desert.

And then is when you realize it was not about adding but, in fact, it is now about taking away instead.

Who are you …sit on it

Our identity is not a conquest but a discovery and when we start taking things away is when we find out who we are. It is going to depend on how many layers you have put on throughout your life, the time it takes to get to your inner space, currently empty and dull.

It takes courage to even recognise this and dare to visit your inner world because we are used to overstimulation all the time, used to screens, music, noise, interaction, stress, endless commitments, rushing… and dedicate a few minutes to just sit in silence is something that sounds totally alien to our western modern outward culture, there is simply no time for that – someone would say-.

We are so full of external experiences and inputs that we have lost the capacity to actually receive more and I don’t mean only in a material way but in an emotional and spiritual way.

Here is where meditation comes in as a tool to learn to be receptive to what’s really important and lives in our inner self.

We are broken and misaligned

I think nearly all of us are somehow broken, we all have past experiences that we haven’t digested and that have been left undealt with, we are unfocussed, fragmented, misaligned… and meditation works as a school of unity and alignment to get us back to centre.


When we are focused and aligned, we feel good but if we are broken and misaligned, if we want this because of something but also want the opposite because of something else… then we are fragmented. 

Meditating is not difficult, wanting to meditate is … sitting in silence with yourself for a few minutes every day is like sitting in front of a mirror which tells us things about ourselves that we don’t want to know or face so we allow our mind to take over and distract us and then we just quit because: hey, I can’t meditate!

We are not able to keep up with ourselves and that is the real drama, if you cannot put up with yourself, you won’t get to know yourself and, ultimately, love yourself.

We urgently need to listen to our inner self

We urgently need to learn to be with ourselves, to learn to listen to our demons, to learn what we haven’t been taught. We need to look ourselves in the eye, listen to ourselves, just that.

Now, if you are 100% happy and fulfilled with your life…then congratulations, just carry on in the same way, forget about meditating and just live your life.

This is for those who want something else, who are not fulfilled with just satisfied instincts and material wishes come true but who are in the search of a spiritual dimension that we cannot touch or see but that holds that inner paradise instead of a desert.

Acknowledging this need is brave and you need to be humble to actually wanting to learn more and go beyond what you think you know.

If you think you know everything already, you really know nothing because the more you learn, the more you realize how ignorant you are, purely because inner self discovery never ends, it is infinite.