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Lunch Idea With Leftovers for One- Healthy and Quick

This is one of many lunch ideas with leftovers that I’ll be sharing in my blog, simply because I love it! Healthy and quick to prepare, given you have the leftovers ready.

Cooking lunch for one can be a daunting task and we might fall into the temptation of going for unhealthy choices instead.

Let’s not let that happen.

I use these quinoa sachets more and more as they are healthy and very convenient. There are varieties of them so pick one you like.

We often have a bit of this and a bit of that in the fridge and, in this case, my leftovers were about to go off so I just put it together with the quinoa.

Broccoli and mushrooms
Broccoli and Mushrooms leftovers

Tip For Having Healthy Leftovers

I absolutely LOVE butternut squash and sweet potatoes and they are incredibly healthy and filling!

You can bake them whole if you prefer and then dice them but I prefer to do it beforehand. Use them for healthy lunches in salads or with grains and mix with nearly anything!

I add olive oil, salt and pepper and also a little bit of honey (special Miss Dawson’s tip).

It is as easy as using a tiny pan for one and chuck in there the veggies that need cooking first and then the quinoa just needs a couple of minutes.

Any leftovers already cooked, like the butternut squash in this case, just needs one minute to heat and mix a little bit.

Usually the packets say not to add anything but I like to add a bit of olive oil so it is not very dry.

Another spice I usually add to everything is Turmeric since it has very good properties and is really good for our health.

Lunch Idea with leftovers
Quinoa with butternut squash, mushrooms and broccoli

Don’t hesitate to cook for yourself like I used to do. How many times I bought a cheap frozen pizza or ate simply crisps is ridiculous.

A change in mind-set is needed if you are eating unhealthy purely because you are lazy or don’t like to cook, give it a thought. There are so many products, like this packets of grains, that it is easier than ever to pick the good options.

Healthy and quick lunches are possible.

I hope this Lunch Idea with leftovers for one inspires you.