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Mindful Relationship Tips to Implement Now!

Here are some basic mindful relationship tips you can implement now. Whether you are in the early stages of a new relationship or you are in a long-term one, it is never too late to stop for a minute and reflect on this:

How can I be the best version of myself and be in a fulfilled relationship that makes us both grow together?

It is a stereotypical assumption that during the early stages of a relationship our partners seem flawless. There is even a name to it: The honeymoon period. If you are now there it is the perfect time to be mindful and set a solid base to face the upcoming challenges.

What is interesting is that, in this stage, we are more motivated than ever to be the best version of ourselves around them. However, all relationships fizzle away from the infatuation stages and the honeymoon phase starts to fade. To help rekindle that romance and commitment there are many tips you can follow while practicing mindfulness in your relationships.

Handle Conflicts Properly: Mindful relationship tip number one

Throughout life we are bound to meet conflicts and differences of opinions. While disagreements are normal as well in a mindful relationship, it’s important to handle them with maturity to avoid conflict in the future.

The best way to approach a heated conversation is as follows:

1. Keep focus of the issue at hand.

2. Try not to involve anything personal or conflicts of the past.

3. Maintain a calm demeanour and don’t use language that may cause further conflicts such as cursing or name calling.

4. Make sure that you find a middle ground between what both of you want.

Express your True Feelings: Mindful relationship tip number two

It’s important to be expressive of your feelings as you feel them. Being both honest and vulnerable with the ones we love is the heart of a mindful relationship.

The first step in expressing your feelings is to accept how you feel. There is no right or wrong way to feel, and all feelings are valid. Instead of feeling frustrated with this, set aside some time to allow yourself to feel, understand and process those emotions.

It’s also key to ask yourself why you feel a certain way. Keep digging deeper into why you feel a certain way as this helps you communicate these feelings to your partner.

Be a Good Listener: Mindful relationship tip number three

Epictetus once said:

“…we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

One of the best feelings is being able to be confined in a partner who takes time to understand our feelings and understand our point of view.

Becoming a good listener takes time to uncover the deeper meaning behind words that are shared. To become an active listener helps develop an empathetic and authentic response.

Important habits for effective listening are:

1. Take an active interest in people’s ideas. You may find this easier with a topic of interest, try relating the conversation with your own insights and experiences to help create a bonding experience. 

2. Asking questions shows that you are paying attention. It also gives the receiver more time to delve deeper into their thoughts. Asking questions also helps improve your own understanding of the situation. In future, your partner will find it easier to open up to you and actively share what is on their mind. 

3. Don’t interrupt. Sometimes when people are sharing their thoughts, we can have the urge to want to share our own point of view. To be a good listener takes patience and lets the speaker get to their point. It’s always best to be patient and share thoughts when it is polite to do so. 

Show Appreciation: Mindful relationship tip number four

We all like to feel appreciated in relationships as it helps to develop deeper and closer bonds with our significant others.

One way we show our love is through one or multiple of the five love languages: gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service and quality time.

Once you find out your partner’s love language it becomes easier to show your appreciation, and love in the way your partner would like to receive it. It also will help relieve pressure in relationships as you develop a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.

When it comes to showing your partner appreciation, respect each other’s differences as this is what makes life interesting!

One of the most important skills when entering and maintaining relationships is through practicing mindful habits. The more focused we are on becoming more mindful of our actions, the more thoughtful our actions will be, and a more fulfilling relationship will become as a result!

Implementation doesn’t come easily, and it is therefore important to practice these techniques as part of your daily routine.

So practicing these mindful relationship tips to implement now with colleagues and siblings and build up will help using these tips with a partner in the long-term.

Start today!