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Onlyfans changed my life: My Story (2019-2022)

Onlyfans has changed my life, that is a matter fact. It was in 2019 when, after separating from my husband and leaving the family home, I found myself struggling financially despite working full time in a 9 to 5 job. At first, I had some savings but when they run out I couldn’t make ends meet anymore.

I needed another job.

My personal circumstances, like not having family support available and my ex’s rotating work shifts, didn’t allow me to commit to a physical job since my weeks were always different in terms of being with my kids and he had to work overtime as much as he could (as he struggled financially too) so I had no chance.

My only solution was to work from home but…doing what?

Working from Home

I didn’t know anything about working from home, in fact, so little I knew! Now, and only now, I have learnt that you can be a blogger and make a living! I would have done that before should I have known but the Universe had another assignment for me.

My best friend from school in Spain told me about another friend who was selling used underwear in a platform… And it all started.

I signed up for that and, to be honest, it was pretty frustrating, I tell the story in this post. It simply wasn’t enough selling a couple of pieces per month! So I kept investigating.

I found out that some girls were also offering custom videos, photos or video calls, I was stunned, like…whaaaat!??. I did some of that for a little until I also found out that you could do webcam work. You just need your laptop.

So I signed up for that too in a few different platforms.

Webcam work

I did this for about 4 months until I got to the conclusion that webcamming was not for me. Period.

It was fun at times and I have some crazy stories to tell but it was even more frustrating than the panty gig. I did it mainly on the weekends for a few hours and some evenings and, overall, it kind of brought a nicer side hustle, something between $200-$500 which, for me, was a Godsend but…

Again, it wasn’t great, there were times when I sat there with the make-up on looking at the screen and forcing myself to smile. Also had to put up with loads of free viewers asking questions or even being rude waiting for someone to take me ‘private’. Full story in here.

The initial hype of making hundreds went down and I was dreading the camming time. I suppose in my mind there was a blockage beforehand and I was attracting the bad results. I remember one time where I made $0 in 3 hours sat there (I cried).

Discovering Onlyfans

And then one day Onlyfans changed my life…

I was on Twitter since February 2019 when I started the panty selling thing. And it was in there that I heard about Onlyfans for the first time in my life. There were some girls doing it and there was a group where we retweeted each other. They were saying how good money it was and one of the girls gave me a referral link. I signed up for that too last week of September 2019.

To be honest, it was like having a Facebook behind a paid wall but I wasn’t very active on Facebook anyway and had no other social media whatsoever. Meaning I wasn’t an expert at posting stuff online other than in Twitter.

So what did I do? I copied the other girls, they shared a lot of tips and stuff and I was doing exactly what they were doing. I wanted my thousands too!

Money starts coming in

Those last days of September I made $13.98 and in October I made $319.75.

I was happy with that. Just had a handful of fans and posted pics every day, they came from Twitter and from other girls’ pages since we were doing SFS (Shout Out x Shout Out).

I remember Stephanie (apparently not active anymore) she was so kind she agreed to do it with me even though she had 1,000+ fans and I had like 60, that was really kind of her.

Beginning of November 2019 my car broke down, it was a 15 year old car so no chance to get it fixed. It was time to get a new car since I was commuting 2 hours everyday and no public transport was available.

Only had £2,000 in the bank (thanks to my side hustles so far) and my intuition told me that I was going to be alright and I was going to make a lot of money like the other girls in the months to come so I went to the garage and bought a small second hand car but not very old, it did cost £10,000.

I had a knot in my stomach but I paid all my savings and financed the rest at £260 per month.

At that point I was confident I would be able to at least pay that money back monthly with my OF earnings. And then November ended…

To be continued…