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What Questions To Ask A Woman On A First Date – Maverick POV

What questions are Okay to ask a woman you like on the first date? You might have wondered more than once. Of course you don’t want to ask something that makes her uncomfortable. Or go too far and cross boundaries she, surely, will have.

But yet, there are certain questions that must be asked. We know it is not good to advance in a relationship and then realize there was a massive red flag we missed, right?

In fact, there are some questions that, not only will help getting to know her better, but also will serve as ice-breakers in some cases.

Men tend to be less creative (sorry!) and even more shy. Also, depending on circumstances and age, they can get really anxious. They don’t want to screw it over on that date that took ages to arrive!

The Best Question to Ask a Woman on a first date is this…

Let’s say you have been chatting for a little bit. Not big questions yet other than name, city, age, occupation… First date is around the corner.

Ask her what would she like to do for a first date that she’s never done. Boom! Point for you.

Why do we need to “go for a coffee” or “dinner” on a first date? Who set those rules? Think about it.

Without even realizing, she’ll be revealing to you what she likes or what she’s attracted to. And you haven’t even asked about it!

She might need to think about it. That’s totally fine. In fact, is great, like a cliff-hanger. You can agree to speak next day or whenever and see what she comes up with.

You’ll find out stuff about her straight away. Whether that she is really creative and suggests a “pizza making crash course”. Or she’s a drinker and suggests a Gin Tasting. Or maybe she is so boring that she can’t even thing about anything and goes with the: “You choose”.

That first question will take you really far, believe me!

What are the Right Questions to Ask on a First Date

Think first. What are you there for? You like that woman physically (right??) but you don’t know anything about her.

If you have followed the advice above, you’ll have a slight idea. Use it.

Be original and don’t go (yet) for the typical questions listed in every single dating advice blog post. Such as:

  • Do you like pets?
  • What do you do in a normal day?
  • Do you exercise?
  • What’s your favourite show?
  • How do you spend your weekends?
  • Etc. etc.

These are great questions, don’t get me wrong. Just too soon…

So you are on your first date (who knows where!) but let’s assume not in a café sipping a tea or in a bar having a drink.

Depending on the choice, it could be that you might not be able to talk a lot and that’s absolutely fine. Just enjoy the activity and observe her reactions and behaviour. She should be relaxed since she is not sat in a table with a guy asking questions like a detective in front of her.

And when you have the opportunity. Ask her why has she chosen to do that. Talk about it.

Rushing on Dating Is Always A Mistake

You know? I truly think this is a big problem and one of the main reasons relationships fail. There are also others that I detail in here.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that defines success in the wrong ways. One way is to have a relationship ‘regardless of it being a happy one or not’.

Most people will think you are successful if you are married in your early 30s and will think you’ve failed if you are divorced in your early 40s.

In my opinion it is just the opposite but I am a maverick I am afraid.

Anyway, because of this, some people go to first dates with a list of questions thinking they can determine as soon as possible whether you are a ‘match’ or not. When, in reality, energy and vibration is all it takes.

To be honest, the chemistry between two people can occur pretty quickly. You just know it. Feel it. People, like places or objects, are energy and every one of us resonate with certain frequencies and don’t with others.

So first super advice: trust your gut from the very first moment in that first date.

It is not really that important whether she has a cat or a dog or a snake (unless you have an allergy or phobia). Those things work out somehow later if chemistry is there.

Essentially, don’t be eager to know if that woman is going to be the best mother for your future child. In fact, if that is the mindset you have on a first date…ouch!

I know for a fact people want to achieve the success society dictates as such and want to rush into getting married and starting a family. Especially if the early 30s are behind. They might not even want that at all! But they think they do.

Why Don’t You Ask Yourself Questions First

I didn’t mean to trick you at all but this is probably not the post you expected to read. I get it. You can stop now if you want. I said I am a maverick.

The main problem with dating – and many other subjects – is the lack of self-discovery. We plod through life looking outside. Mimicking what others do or what others say we have to do.

If that is the mindset we take to a date, then we’ll fall into all the same mistakes again and again. We need to break the old patterns.

And the first one to break is accepting that “It is totally Ok to be alone and not be in a relationship”.

The sooner you reflect about this and accept it, the sooner you’ll be happier and will flow through life instead of plodding.

The ‘Other Half’ Scam

We have been sold that we are not complete. Apparently we need to find our “other half” in order to be a whole. What a pile of …!

We are totally and utterly complete, incredible beings with incredible faculties and power.

But we just don’t know.

When we look for another half we emanate ignorance and fear. We vibrate in lack, like there is something missing in us, in our lives. Nothing is missing except self-discovery and critical thinking.

No one is entitled to dictate how our lives ‘should’ be and what being successful means. And, therefore, what questions to ask on a first date in order to achieve the desired outcome and, again, be successful.

Only you decide what that means. And it could perfectly be being alone by choice. Living alone. Be eternally dating. No first date BS pressure anymore. Just enjoy the moment!

So much is talked about the power of the mind…well, it is all true. We are what we think and say. Even words matter so much. Keep telling yourself you suck at having dates and you’ll do so.

In Conclusion

Of course you want to get to know better someone you like and connect with. But does that mean the end goal is having a relationship and, if this is not the case, give up on them?

Open your mind and your heart. You might find a dear friend instead or even a more casual relationship. Someone to go out with occasionally and spend quality time together.

Listen up: it doesn’t have to be a serious traditional committed relationship with mortgage, big house, big car, two kids and a pet. Not anymore, scratch that.

Nothing wrong with it but it might not be meant for you and it doesn’t determine your value or self-worth. You are successful when you get to know yourself and make the most of what life offers.

You know what? Take all those questions to ask a woman (or a man!) on a first date and ask them to yourself. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

Are you a happy person? Are you living the life you like to live? Once you figure all that out, you might be surprised that, in the end, you are not really in a rush to meet “the one”.

And funnily enough, the moment you don’t look, you’ll probably find.