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The journey starts here…

The last two years have been really challenging for everybody, that is a matter of fact and, for me, personally, have been massively life changing. 

This is far from over but the good news is, all these changes for me have been positive so they can be for you too.

I am not going to go too deep in this video about the specifics of that change of mindset if you like but I want to say that starting my Onlyfans page, exactly 2 years ago with no previous experience whatsoever in anything remotely related to it, has been life changing, and not in terms of money, as you might be thinking or, at least, not only and not primarily.

Using the platform has given me empowerment and freedom and those are two of the most valuable things a human being can experience in life…but also, sadly, two of the most easy to be taken away from you, especially nowadays in this modern society. 

It was for me the start of something that I couldn’t even consider to be possible.

Throughout these two years I have been learning and experimenting and, as it happens, the so-called pandemic only started four months after I first set up the page so I can say most of this time has been in this ‘new world’ that we are now living in. And the learning has been mixed with huge personal existential crises, still going on, and the associated struggles.

I started with this idea of working with Mindfulness a while back and it has taken me a little bit to figure it out but I am finally there, able to answer this question to myself and hopefully to you if you are/were already following me.

In the summer, I travelled to see my family for a few weeks as it had been over a year that we didn’t see each other and I met with old friends as well…something was different in me, I couldn’t look at people the same way, is like I could see through them, their struggles and their coping mechanisms that I never noticed before so strongly.

I could see mostly unhappiness and escapism, which is the opposite to mindfulness.

Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness

Escapism is a way of attempting to make negative feelings dissipate, without working through the necessary steps in order to come to relief through mental resolution.

It was so clear to me and I wondered: why? Why are they not trying to resolve their issues, why are they not looking inside themselves and finding the answer? Why is this so commonly ignored?

The answer to that makes me very sad because, to a certain extent, it is not their fault, they don’t know better, they are just victims of society, they are captured by it and it requires so much awareness, taking responsibility and doing inner work to really get out of that cycle.

Mindfulness helps you to do that.

Anyway, I saw old friends as I was saying, and one of them got a bit defensive with me when I talked about the stuff that fascinates me, how we are all energy because everything is energy and what is the correlation between the way we put out that energy into the world and the way that energy comes back to us…,as in creating your own reality.

Then I went into Astrology and I tried to explain that a natal chart is the map of how the energies were at the exact point in point you are born and how this can help you in your life and the crazy amount of information you can find there about you.

His reaction was that things are as they are, the world is what it is and there is nothing you can do to change it. What do you want to achieve with all this fantasy? Do you want to change the world? Do you think a single person among 8 billion CAN change the world?? Come on! Come back from that planet you’re on…

Well, I was puzzled, I didn’t know how to react to be honest and someone else just shifted the conversation to avoid conflict I suppose so I stayed silent.

But I couldn’t take those words away and started asking myself that same thing… Do I want to change the world? Actually…can I do it?

And then a few days after that I came across this quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

Mahatma Gandhi

And then I knew that WTF, yes, I want to change the world because it is very ugly and people are very unhappy and they don’t even know they can change that. They don’t even know who they are, how great they are and how powerful.

And that’s why I am here today doing all this because, although there are a lot of people out there with amazing channels and amazing infrastructure and courses and everything you can think of, it is never too many people spreading this message.

Yes, we can change the world to a better world and it starts with each and one of us, individually.