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What is an Influencer And Becoming One

So what is an influencer? A few years back I would have thought this to be a joke or I would have felt repulsion to that word, today, I am accepting that same word as one of the things that define me.

Isn’t it crazy?

I grew up in the 80s and, back then, the only people who were famous were singers, bands, models or actors…maybe some others like writers, athletes or even VIP people in the royal families or power circles so, you know, for a plebeian like me only becoming one of those people would make me ‘famous’.

I wanted to be famous, oh yeah! Firstly, in my early years in primary school I wanted to be a teacher but when I got to my teens…I was blinded by the spotlights, the music, the Oscars, the Grammys…was obsessed with it.

Oscars night in my country used to be at stupid o’clock of course but I would buy a tab of ice-cream for the occasion and stayed up all night. Omg, so jealous of those beautiful actresses in those dresses and that glamor.

I really wanted to be one of them so badly… obviously I was totally lacking self-esteem, self-value, empowerment and basically lived in total and utter ignorance about literally everything.

Opening my heart

This is intimate stuff, I spent the days locked in my room after school that is and over the weekends with my cassette player. I listened to the radio station playing the music I loved and recorded the songs (with the radio station ad interrupting for copyright matters haha) in a blank cassette, obviously I had $0 money to buy albums.

I wrote my own songs (complete rubbish haha), I mainly did daydreams all the time.

Madonna was my idol, who I wanted to become… one day… and I realize now the power of words and the mind…one day… Why one day? If I wanted to be like her, I should have started at that exact moment to work on it. I should have started feeling like I was her and not dwelling in that idyllic future where, out of thin air, I would become a famous singer.

You know, almost like someone was going to knock at my parents house door and say: Oh, hello, we’re here to take your daughter to Hollywood to be famous.

Well, that is not how it works, I truly believe the law of attraction works but it requires your action too and some other small details people don’t usually take into account before trashing it, like ‘this doesn’t work, it is stupid’.

Always wanting to fly away

I also wanted to go away from my city, from my family, from my life …thought I could not be ‘my-famous-self’ staying in that depressing environment.

So, basically, I was looking outside, blaming the external elements as the cause of my unhappiness, cause Oh I was such an unhappy teen, I was always thinking anything that I didn’t have was better. Never ever valued or was grateful for what I had. No one taught me to do that.

But because everything is neutral and perfect according to the laws of the Universe, thanks to this obsession of mine, that’s how I learnt English. I knew by heart every single lyric in every single Madonna’s album and not only her, many other artists.

Influencers Back in the Day

Back to the influencers… the actual influencers back then were only the famous people I mentioned but we looked up at them, they were like Gods (well, they were for me), like they were at another level and, if you ask me, that is not a healthy position to be in because it makes you feel powerless and insignificant.

Our naughty mind tricks you into the idea that you are not worthy, they are, and you won’t be worthy unless you become them.

Funnily enough, although I had this obsession with it for a good few of my teen years, on my way to my 20s, I kind of became a bit more relaxed with this, worth saying it was then when I started singing in a band and my mindset was a little bit more focussed on myself.

However, as life has proven, I wasn’t enough focussed at all and I lived my 20s as a non-stop party time, working night gigs, mainly in the summertime, and in the winter singing at weddings and the rest of the time, loads of time…I just literally wasted it, I threw time down the drain for such long time!

But you only see this in hindsight, don’t you?

Influencers era

The Internet changed the game and since we can all connect with anyone anywhere anytime now an influencer has nothing to do with what it was before the web era.

However, as we are in the early stages of the online influencer era, believe it or not, in linear time it is not much, maybe started well into the year 2000 so it is not even 20 years yet and since technology is so rapidly evolving, it makes it like a live everchanging concept.

Note that I say ‘online influencer’ as I have found this article in Forbes that states there were influencers way back in ancient Rome as well as in the 1760, etc. nice reading. Now when being an influencer becomes an actual job which you can make a living out of it…that’s definitely modern times I would say.

Digital influencer

Influencer definition

According to Wikipedia, there is a lack of consensus about what an influencer is. 

One writer defines them as “a range of third parties who exercise influence over the organization and its potential customers.”

Another definition is: “A third party who significantly shapes the customer’s purchasing decision but may never be accountable for it.”

According to another, influencers are “well-connected, create an impact, have active minds, and are trendsetters”.

Needless to say, I like the last one best for myself.

Yes, I can see how brands can use certain people to attract customers and make sales, of course. That happened also before, models announcing perfumes or clothes, that’s an old thing and exists since marketing exists.

Or things like sponsorships but those are punctual events. It doesn’t make a person an influencer as it has to be a continuous thing. For me, influence is much more than that, it is creating an impact, as that description says, being a trendsetter, with an open mind.

So, if that impact on people is a positive one, can anybody challenge that being an influencer is potentially a very good thing?

The Dark Side of Influencers

I think we could talk about the subject forever and, sadly, we’ll easily find influencers who, not on the surface maybe or even intentionally, but if you look in detail, they might be causing harm to people and I really mean that, as hard as it sounds.

As a mother of teens, for example, if some influencer in social media ‘talks’ to my kids out of ignorance (same ignorance I had in myself at that age) and that affects what they feel about themselves, their appearance etc. I would be fuming and saying that being an influencer like that sucks, right?

Or, for that matter, people of any age who, by listening to XZY influencers or consuming their content, feel undermined, disempowered, sad, depressed…that is an example of bad influence.

We don’t want that.


But I Am an Influencer Now!

But hey! I am an influencer and I am happy to be because what my open mind, my open heart and my old ignorance transformed into knowledge, love, empathy, kindness… is for sure going to have a positive impact in people.

People who want to be influenced, because also, bear in mind that, we, people, have free will and we choose who we listen to, who we follow and why, what we read or watch… this comes with the dangers of being brainwashed at any point in time, you might be thinking…Bingo!

This is exactly what I mainly work on for myself and others…we need to know ourselves from the inside out, we need to go within and reflect, critical thinking, empowerment and determination.

We need to acknowledge who we are and what we are capable of… without all this, you are a victim of what others in power write in your script for you and they decide the life you must have to fit into the system and feed their needs, but not yours.

What Kind Of Influencer I Am

The kind that want to share my experience of awakening from the autopilot life into a fulfilled self created life that I am starting to live.

I will share all the things that have led me into self discovery, empowerment, self-love and universal love.

From never valuing myself before, to now thinking I am perfect.

Perfect as per this definition: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

So I am perfect and you are too, only you don’t realize yet.

My job is to make you aware of your potential as human being and help you connect with yourself…and yes, of course that I share and create sexy stuff as well, because I want to and you freely decide to buy it and support me or not but all this work I am doing and will continue doing.

I do a lot for free and even though I’ll monetise if I can eventually because that is how influencers make a living.

I would do it for free anyways because I know who I am and why I am here and it is to spread the light so we can beat the darkness and revert to the wonderful peaceful world we deserve to live in, with no wars, weapons, hunger, mental health pandemic, hate and divisions.

Beautiful souls we are all one, there are no colors, races, shapes, tags, there are no differences, we are all the same and, with that principle, you would never do or say anything to others that you wouldn’t want for yourself, right?