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Why men don’t do Yoga? It is very simple

We are all aware that the percentage of women practicing vs men is hugely higher, something like 80/20% and I’ll tell you what that is …

It is a matter of energy.

Energy as such is neutral and we are all exactly the same at source, there is no gender distinctions at the beginning of the creation, however, it is in the division which happens in the physical world where we experience the duality and polarity occurs: ying/yang, hot/cold, male/female… Although this is a topic for another time, to balance these two polarities is what brings us harmony and ease and they both are in all of us regardless of gender.

So then…

Why this big difference between women and men practicing yoga?

Women, same as children, are by nature more emotional and sensitive beings, this is a simple fact and it is harder for men to manage emotions and deal with them (there are exceptions, of course), the conditioning and programming we receive from birth is key as well.

This does not mean men are not good at it in the slightest, what it means it is not in their priorities as it were and, the most important part is: they think they can’t or they are not suitable for it. Huge misconception.

Now there are incredibly successful and great channels out there offering online yoga classes for free for all levels, all lengths, etc. so I advise you to check those out if you are really into starting seriously practicing…what I am trying to do here in this article is taking a different approach to it so it can get easier for you, my reader, to start the practise.

You don’t have to attend 45 min classes if you don’t want to or don’t have time, actually you can practice yoga, postures, anytime and anywhere and that is what I’ll be showing you how to do with very simple examples.

Obviously starting to build up from super easy to more involved with time.

So this is not only my journey into, hopefully, an integrated yoga practice in my own life, but it can be your journey too into it even if just acquiring simple habits and never taking a class if that makes sense.

What are the origins of yoga – A bit of context

Origins are controversial but it is said that Yoga practice originated as far back as during the 15th century and the creation of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Yogi Swatmarama.

And then it is also believed that the origin of the practice was spread to the West by Indian monks in the 19th century.

What is largely accepted though is that the yoga we practice in the west comes from Hatha Yoga and focuses on the physical aspect of the practice.

Yoga practice originated among Monks who, in a vast majority, are men!

Fun fact 🙂

Breathwork is the most important part of the practice, also called pranayama and that is always how you start a class or a flow to focus and get yourself centered.

There are different techniques and they help with calming the body and mind but also to build body heat and soothe the nervous system.

The most basic form and the best one to start with is the Sama Vrtti which is a breath of equal duration.

Only by doing this every day and not doing any postures, you’ll be improving your wellbeing.

  1. Find a comfortable position… this can be anywhere
  2. Draw your focus into your breath
  3. Inhale to count to four, exhale to count to four and repeat until your comfortable and ready to progress (2min)
  4. Work up to five and practice a few times, then six…

Even if you just do the count to 4 bit the first time, it’s fine, you’ll progress the next time.

When to do this? 

Wow, literally, anytime and anywhere when you can take a few minutes… sitting in a waiting room, on the bus, at work, while you are waiting for the kettle to whistle, when you wake up, when you go to bed, in the bath…limitless opportunities.

You know what? 

It is only wanting to do it and remember it, I know now you are thinking; Oh this makes sense, I am going to try it… but in 10 min after watching this video, if you don’t keep the intention…you’ll forget and revert to your automatic habits, that’s how it is, unfortunately.

So give that a thought 😉

Check out this video too 🙂