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How to find your mission or purpose

Have you ever asked yourself what your mission or your purpose is? Why are you here?

I have.

And let me tell you, it can’t just be growing up, going to school/college/University and then finding a job, a partner, buying a house, a car, having kids and work until you’re old when then you can retire to do things you love or look after your grandchildren… I mean…really??

Something feels off here.

That is not a life purpose, that is a life in captivity if you ask me, that is living in autopilot following the script that someone else has written for you, and don’t get me started with who, that’s a very long post of its own.

So here I am, aware of it now in my forties (because it is never too late, right?)

I have learnt a thing or two in these last months of awakening and I am going to share with you, because, as it turns out, part of my mission is to spread this knowledge and inspire others to achieve the greatness in us that has been numbed through history and take control over our innerent and natural powers as human beings created as self image of our creator.

Who is the creator?

Certainly not a bearded man sitting on a throne holding the spheric world in his hand and with a sceptre in the other. And, believe it or not, I swear this is what I was taught when I was a kid.


You can call it infinite names, as many as you can find: God, the Source, the Universe, the Quantum field, the Light, Energy… it really doesn’t matter. It is a cosmic force where everything originated from and we are souls which are little sparks of that force, that’s our soul, our energetic body that we cannot see with the five senses but it is there, most of the time totally ignored.

We are living a time where it can’t be ignored anymore.

We must differentiate between mission and purpose though.

We can say that there is a basic mission we all humans share and that is giving love, learning the meaning of love and being happy during all the time we are here in a mission that can be different at different times and circumstances.

Maybe your mission is not the same in your twenties as it is in your forties, for example, but it will always be based on love.


Then the purpose is what it is related to your talents and gifts, yes, we all have them, I promise. Purpose is those potentials we hold in ourselves and make us unique. 

candle light

Symbolically, when you are aligned with your purpose, it’s like lighting a candle and bringing the light with you everywhere you go.

This doesn’t mean we forget we are living in this material world and dealing with the daily routines and possible difficulties of course, I am not talking about a perfect unicorn world by any means. But, when you are shining light like that candle and something difficult happens or you encounter frustration, or worry or simple challenges, the intensity of these reduces dramatically when you’re tuned with your purpose.

For example, if you are right now in a job you hate and doesn’t fulfil you at all, which means you are not aligned with your purpose, any little thing like a rainy day, a traffic jam or a clash with a colleague, will feel like the end of the world most likely.

Whereas if you are aligned, you are in peace and vibrating in love, for sure, you’ll have the tools to make those little things totally meaningless by not letting them impact your focus and center.

I have good news too, there is no one in the whole world that will tell you what your purpose is. Nobody.

Yes, you can find people who surely will help with it, like myself now for example, making you question it and giving you some tips totally based on my own experience. But, believe me, it is within yourself, you just need to find it.



You might want to google this japanese word: IKIGAI

The thing that gets you up in the morning, your reason for being.”

Absolutely beautiful concept that I am now getting deeply into, however, I’ll go right into exposing my version of it in three steps you need to take in order to find your purpose.

1. The First Step to find your purpose


Do you actually know yourself?

Remember what I said: we are all unique, like our fingerprint is unique so it is the same with your gifts and talents.

However, we can make a very easy mistake when we don’t know ourselves.

Say for example that you are good at sports and you think that your purpose is to win medals in the Olympics, I don’t know, or you love football (soccer) and you want to play in a famous team, this is what most kids dream of, right? You see some famous footballers with their luxurious lifestyle and think: Ah, that’s what I want to do in my life.

Well, I can tell you now, that’s not your purpose in a million years. You need to look within yourself and take the inner road to self-discovery so you can then actually take the external road to your purpose. Does it make sense?

It can also help to ask around your close family and friends what they think you are good at? Sometimes we oversee it because it is natural to us and don’t think it is extraordinary.

Maybe you discover that you are good at listening to people, maybe you are good with kids and have some teaching skills, or you’re good as a mediator when there is conflict, or you are the one that every friend goes to when they need to write a speech for a wedding…I don’t know! What? What is it?

And in the end, what I am getting at…is that, maybe by combining your passion about football with some of these other skills, instead of aspiring to become a football star playing for the national team and get frustrated on the way… , you would be great at training kids? Or maybe writing a blog about football? Or dealing with conflicts within a team/association/gym as a counsellor? Who knows?

I hope you get the point.

2. The Second Step to find your purpose


What do you ENJOY so much doing…

… and could do for hours without getting a reward for it?

Imagine you win a huge amount of money unexpectedly, and I mean HUGE, let’s say that you sort out any financial matters involving not only yourself but your family members and also, you have spent a year travelling the world as you always dreamt of… well, now come back here!

Hey… here! 

What would you do every day? 

Try to answer that question as many times as you can, every day…until you finally find out. 

It might take time, especially if you have not done the first step and get to know yourself well.

But, hold on, not that quick, there is a little trick in here, before your answer is something like: I’d watch Netflix all day long, I’d lay in bed drinking beer or similar… I must tell you that is never a purpose because one beautiful characteristic about the purpose is that it has to always be of service to others.

If it only selfishly fulfills your own needs then it is not a purpose.

3. The Third Step to find your purpose


How do you feel about your life? 

Remember that the mission and purpose is something we come with from birth and it is our job to discover and develop it. It comes from our heart.

Therefore the only way to know if you are in line with it is to feel it, how do you feel about your life? 

How do you feel on a Monday morning when you get to your workplace?

If you don’t feel happy, you are not aligned with your purpose.

That moment of realisation is very painful and I can tell from my own experience but it is important to acknowledge it and surrender to it and then ask yourself:

If I was brave enough right now and fear would disappear completely, what change would I make in my life?  What does your heart say with not a single drop of fear in it?

When you are aligned with your purpose you don’t feel unhappy or lazy, you enjoy it so much you cannot wait to start each new day and never see a time to finish, it is part of you and your life.