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age difference couple (1)

Why Middle Aged Men Can’t Resist Younger Women

Dear middle aged fellas, don’t even try to deny it, we all know that you fall for young women more easily than a drunk guy falls off a bar stool. And while we may initially judge you for your superficial taste, we can’t help but wonder: why are you so ...
Is 40 Too Old To Change Careers (3)

Is 40 Too Old To Change Careers?

Making the decision to change careers in your 40s is a big decision to make. It may be a no-brainer for some people, but most of us in that situation are faced with a very intimidating choice to make. Am I being silly? Is it a mid-life crisis? Is 40 ...
Soul Diet (2)

THE DIET OF THE SOUL – Lose Weight Naturally

I want to share my personal experience of how I lost this weight without following any diets. First, I want to make it clear that I am not a nutritionist and the information in this video is based on my personal experience. If you have any concerns or questions about ...
Dreaming of a Woman You Never Met. Why!

Dreaming of a Woman You Never Met. Why!?

Dreaming about a woman you’ve never met can be a captivating fantasy. Our dreams and imaginations allow us to explore new realms and let our emotions run wild. It’s possible to fall in love with the alluring, unknown woman in your dream, embracing her beauty and grace. And, what is ...
She's sent me a heart emoticon! What does THAT mean

She’s sent me a heart emoticon! What does she mean?

In the middle aged dating world, men and women often wonder what certain emoticons mean. For example, when a man sends a heart emoticon to a woman, what does he actually mean? Is he saying that he loves her, or is it simply a friendly gesture? I have looked into ...
How To Look Younger At 40

How To Look Younger At 40 (and beyond)

There’s a reason why Hollywood makes such a fuss about men and their mid-life crisis; men over 40 love to look younger to avoid admitting that they’re getting old. Unfortunately, the fountain of youth doesn’t exist, but there are many other methods that men can use. So how do Ryan ...

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