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Why Middle Aged Men Can’t Resist Younger Women

Dear middle aged fellas, don’t even try to deny it, we all know that you fall for young women more easily than a drunk guy falls off a bar stool. ...
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Dreaming of a Woman You Never Met. Why!

Dreaming of a Woman You Never Met. Why!?

Dreaming about a woman you’ve never met can be a captivating fantasy. Our dreams and imaginations allow us to explore new realms and let our emotions run wild. It’s possible ...
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She's sent me a heart emoticon! What does THAT mean

She’s sent me a heart emoticon! What does she mean?

In the middle aged dating world, men and women often wonder what certain emoticons mean. For example, when a man sends a heart emoticon to a woman, what does he ...
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10 Texts to NEVER Send To a Woman

10 Texts to NEVER Send To a Woman

If you’re struggling to establish a positive relationship with a woman, the way you communicate via text may be a factor. Of course that there could be many others (sorry, ...
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10 Killer Texts To Impress Him-Her

10 Killer Texts To Impress Him/Her

Texting has become a vital part of how we communicate with friends, family, and romantic partners. It’s a way for us to stay connected without having to make plans to ...
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you deserve better

When She says “You Deserve Better”- What does it mean?

She has said it. You are not mistaken, she pronounced those exact same words: “You deserve better”. And now you’re there, not knowing what to think or how to react. ...
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